• Monetization 

    Community Membership is gained through acceptance from an authorised Britannia Gaming staff member. 

    • Membership provides full access to the forum, including forum badges and clubs.
    • Membership provides players with Teamspeak Perks, including tags and channel access.
    • Membership allows players to apply for factions, apply for staff and take part in community events. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Donators will NOT receive any in game money, experience, weapons, vehicles, or other items to give you an advantage over other players. 

    Monetization terms of service are only valid after authorisation by Bohemia Interactive  Monetization Terms of Service: https://www.bistudio.com/monetization

    Terms of Donation

    By donating to Britannia Gaming, you hereby accept all of the following terms and conditions.

    You understand, by donating, you're donating for virtual items/goods and there's nothing physical being involved. Thank you for contributing to Britannia Gaming. Your donation goes toward funding the improvement of Britannia Gaming. Your donation is very helpful and is greatly appreciated. If you fail to follow the rules of Britannia Gaming and become dissociated with the community for any sort of reason, Britannia Gaming reserves the right to hold donation amounts and continue to use them. 

    Unauthorized Donations

    Should a donation be made from a PayPal Account that is not authorized by the account holder (be it yourself, a parent or guardian, or other legal holder of the account balance), or other fraud committed to donate to our servers, your account(s) with Britannia Gaming will be immediately and permanently suspended for fraud.

    Refunds & Chargebacks

    Except where mandated by law, no refunds will be issued for donations made to the Britannia Gaming. Chargebacks are not permitted, and any chargebacks issued against Britannia Gaming will be reported as a breach of contract terms. In addition, any chargebacks against us will result in the complete and permanent removal of your account(s) from our entire network.

    NOTE: Britannia Gaming reserves the rights to change or modify the ToS at any given time with or without warning.

    Donators will not get treated with "Special Treatment", you will be treated the same as regular user.