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Black Wolf, by the people, for the people.

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Dear loyal citizen of our glorious nation of Takistan,

Myself and my associates are writing to you today to inform you of our, Black Wolf and Associates Ltd., position in next year's democratic election. As some of you may be aware, Black Wolf has already established a presence within the civilian demographic situated in Northern Takistan. We, politically or not, will and have always attempted to be on side with the people of Takistan, and not its government. Myself as the Chief Executive and our employees have witnessed first-hand the powers of the current Governmental forces and their hired guns, also known as VRANA. Black Wolf, if elected into office by loyal supporters such as yourself, will seek to return power back to the individual, rather than to a dictatorial form of oppressive imperialism. We will strive to ensure that civilians are no longer subject to unprovoked searches and seizures, that our children need no longer witness the patrols of armoured vehicles and militarised police, and that we can finally live in peace, together and united. One nation and its people.

Thank you for taking your time to read our address. If there any concerns, questions, or queries about our corporation's involvement within the next election, please contact us either directly at our office, or by using the details copied below.

We wish you a prosperous and healthy life, whatever the future may hold.



CEO, Black Wolf and Associates Ltd.


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