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  1. South Government

    Name : South Government Party Leader: Lucifer Morningstar Party 2nd: K. McGarrett Party Publicist: C. Bob Other Members: JacktheSpak, Daniel. Maybe more 3 Main Political Goals: 1. To hold a higher standers to Human rights for the civilians of the South and North civilians that want to join the South and avoid the terror that North Gov. causes. 2. To have a free, peaceful and prosperous land 3. To free Takistan, our great land and save it from the North How Will You Make Takistan Great Again: 1. I will strengthen our military power and be recognize as a Government 2. I will offer new jobs to the people of the South 3. I will build a proper wall and make the North pay for it 4. I will get ride of the terrorism that the North has created 5. If we ever go to war, I promise we will win. I personally will bomb the North 6. I will be the best President anyone has seen, I will be better then a God. I will be a Allah Party Quote: For Honor, For the South, Till Death
  2. South Gov.

    Straw poll
  3. Server Revive

    Ok, so lets take this into real life. If a cop is being corrupt or shit at their job and someone goes to complain about it. The civ wouldn't have evidence would they? But the cops would still investigate. And if you have gotten a few complaints would that back up someones story that it has happened again and again?
  4. Server Revive

    So you have by the sound of it gotten a few complaints and just ignored them?
  5. Server Revive

    Most of the cops don't even know what gun is legal or illegal!
  6. Server Revive

    Sure let me just check, oh wait so far all the cops except 2, Scott and chandler.
  7. Server Revive

    Isn't it your job to make sure that the cops are doing their job correct tho?
  8. Server Revive

    I'm writing this revive in the hopes that people will actually address the issues on the server. Police- *Civ does nothing wrong, going at speed limit and has a legal gun.* *Cop pulls civ, over arrests civ cuz he has legal weapon.* *Cop pulls someone over who has an illegal gun, Civ is complying. Gets shot anyways* Rule Breaking- *Kills cop, same cop comes back straight away(So what about the New Life Rule???) *None staff members at in TFR and on server. Staff are on server but in lounge 3, then bitch to member that people need to be in TFR.* *Civs robbing civs. Gives 1 warning doesn't wait for response so kills cuz the other civ doesn't have a reaction time as fast as light.* Things that don't make seance- *Died by a bug loose gear, goes to support. Support- Any video evidence? Who the hell records every single time they play, and how do you screen shot how you died/ what gear you had? YOUR DEAD SO ITS IMPOSSIBLE.* *Definitions of community- a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. particular characteristic in common so thats why its a friends fest, now I get it.* *People that get banned and get talked shit about, they get unbanned and get high ranks and become staff? * *Member wants to ask something to an admin, sends message never gets a response back. Admin wants something gets pissed off when you don't reply?* *Staff member- messages none staff members to do shit, if that's the case why even have staff?* Over all I would rate this community 5/10, please fix these bug and issues
  9. Taki Detective Agency [TDA]

    People wont go to cops, lets say someones friend was shot and killed. If we get a lead that a guy called Steve done it. We would go to the cops saying we need to raid this persons house for evidence on a case, that is how the cops would get involved. The cops would no a lot about the case. Wouldn't even know the clients name or reason why he came to us.
  10. Taki Detective Agency [TDA]

    We wouldn't have police power. We wouldn't be able to arrest anyone only cable tie them and wait for the cops to do all that stuff. If we needed to do a raid for evidence or anything like that we would work with the cops on that one.
  11. Taki Detective Agency [TDA]

    I agree with McGarrett, No one trust the cops. As far as I see the cops shoot first ask questions later. It will be way better to have this as a private agency. Not only would people actually come to us but people would trust us. As we have went out our way to gain people trust and be friend and not kill them on sight.
  12. Red Cross as a Faction

    My idea of the Red Cross as a Faction is: How it will look on Teamspeak I say if we had it as a faction with channels, tags etc. When someone new joins they will look down TS and the the different faction they can join and see what one the would like to go to, if any. Having the Red Cross in that area will invite new people to join the faction and become a medic. As having medics in the server is always helpful. It will also show how many members are in the Red Cross and see if we need to recruit more. Rules 1- You can not give out any type of medical drug to ANYONE. 2- You can not pick up or use any type of military/ police gear, this goes against Our Fundamental Principals. 3- If wanted by the cops you can not switch over to medic to avoid the cops, this will result in a perm ban from the Red Cross. 4- Do not abuse anyone, verbally or physically, if this is reported you will get a warning and if it happens again a ban from the Rec Cross. 5- Wear the right gear and respect higher ups in the Red Cross. 6- Never go against Our Fundamental Principals. 7- Don't make fun of the Red Cross in any way, this will resort in a ban from the Red Cross. Tags Director of Unit Deputy Director of Unit Unit Officer Assistant Unit Officer Unit Member Medical Tags Intermediate First Aid Emergency First Responder (E.F.R) Emergency Medical Technician (E.M.T) More Info With the Red Cross in real life being a volunteer organisation this will be put into place on the server so you do not need to leave your faction to become a member. Just as long as you follow the rules and Fundamental Principals. You do not need to spend how ever many hours on, you can play as a medic when ever you feel like it. Just let a Red Cross higher up know so we can put down who has played as a medic the most. This will help with sorting ranks in the Red Cross.
  13. Red Cross

    Teamspeak tags: Ranks of medical level- Basic first aider, Intermediate, CFR, EFR, EMT, Paramedic, doctor Ranks in Red Cross- Volunteer, Head of Red Cross I will be on ts today or tomorrow and will show you what gear i were when on duty
  14. Red Cross

    I am basing this of the Red Cross in real life so it would be a faction but I'll have it as a volunteer group, so you can be a cop or what ever and still be part of the Red Cross. Ill be on today as some point and we could talk about tags, re-textures etc.