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  1. Takistan Military Police

    Firstly I really did not understand your arguments fully, like who is going to roleplay on a takistan server with UK street police, Your point is valid in some aspects but in others not, maybe a conversation with you on Teamspeak would be best.
  2. Takistan Military Police

    Clearly by making a statement as you haven't played the server long enough makes me realise that you don't fully understand the issues at hand, for example, most people that are part of the police force were given their ranks from another server, your commissioner agreed that. Now to have an effective roleplay environment that everyone likes means having people in the correct places for the right reasons, under TMP that firstly fits better within the server for example I quote a member logged on and said ''why the F**K is there a UK police force in takistan, how are people meant to roleplay adequately when there is a UK police force present. Oh and in answering to work gone in here is your SOP's no rules, no nothing so cops and do what they want, so I would love to see where you are seeing all this work, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HLndoXhwDiGHtpo8idq9ykiLfF8cDak3L3IC0ryDVgE/edit?usp=sharing Oh and your channels were no existent till yesterday when I made them.
  3. Takistan Military Police

    Please explain the full-scale redevelopment, a name change and rank change, what else, Military police in the UK run the same vehicles that regular police do, so no changes there, uniform - red beret that all, oh and military presence the UN is a peacekeeping force. @Bolton
  4. Takistan Military Police

    To whom this may concern As you have heard from the community meeting, I myself put forward the idea of Takistan Military Police to replace the regular police force, I have seen everyone's concerns, worries and imagination run wild with comments such as ''It is going to be a rdm fest'' Well I am going to explain why it will be quite the opposite, I also want your suggestions ideas and if you like it, as what matters most is you, our community. Takistan Military Police, whats diffirent?? Well not much but the changes implemented will have a great impact on the server, not only in roleplay aspects but also how fun this community is going to be, Changes + handbook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18_Hhk7AKS8vN1_1HbORGChivAkDx83or1GPv326JdMM/edit?usp=sharing - All TMP cadets will be carrying non-lethal firearms, once you reach officer you will be allowed a m9 barreta sidearm, this will encourage roleplay and a better environment on the server also regular police will not be running around for no reason with rifles. - The addition of new divisions such as Human Resources, Special Forces [Dont worry it will be excruciatingly painful to get in to] and Court Marshalls [Basically internal affairs but more militarised] and with some awesome roleplay events. - A new rank structure, meaning ranks will be more meaningful, also you will be promoted on activeness, roleplay abilities and your willingness you show that you are a responsible candidate for a promotion [ it won't be easy, for example, if someone has Sgt, they have truly earned it] - Better police and civilian relations, TMP is expected to show good relations with civilians. - Wanting to smuggle something through the checkpoint? TMP is expected to reward people with good roleplaying abilities and metagaming is not allowed, for example, come through the checkpoint with weed and roleplay well, you should expect to be allowed through, but not always so don't risk it. Any questions?? Leave them below and I will do my best to answer them here or on Teamspeak Thankyou Virtual