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      Staff Applications that are still open will either be placed On-Hold until places are available or they will have an Accepted/Denied Response within due time. From today until further notice recruitment for staff is Closed.
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      United Nations Recruitment - Open   01/15/2018

      The United Nations recruitment has been re-opened due to members being placed under inactive and those who do not return to active within the next 24-48 hours will be removed and those wishing to join who have been placed on-hold will be reviewed.

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  1. Takistan Military Police

    so basically you are telling me that the Cops don't need to RP at all..... that's stupid. if you make it "Military" based police will be stupid, because the Cops cant even RP At the current moment in time. so there is no reason to make it into a "Military" based department cause that would be horrible they would basically over power all civilians and gives us no chance. so no that's is the most fucking stupidest thing ever.
  2. Takistan Military Police

    GOD DAMN "Not a police officer"