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  1. Ugandan Way

    The Queen knows the way
  2. Making a bounty Hunting Gang

    +1 would be cool
  3. Takistan Military Police

    Police is fine the way it is and there is a reason why we are the police, not the un the un is considered the army in Pakistan and we want to be connected to the civilians we don't want to be distanced from them in my view this should not change at all
  4. Merry Christmas

    have a good holiday aswell
  5. My story (Daniel)

    is Daniel actually doing something good?
  6. New Server Van Textures

    Free sweet van (requested by BIGTIMEJ) Left Right Diplomatic Protection Group Left Rear front Based on
  7. New Server Van Textures

    Mystery machine (as requested by Shadow) Side Side with door closed with doors open Police Response Van With doors open From Front Police Dog Section (fixed with it saying sectoin) From Back From side From front what its based on
  8. these are different Car skins that are possibly going to be added to civ if you have any other ideas about vehicles please let me know Cats Purple blue Anime (mainly for brink) Let me know which ones you like and what you would like to be added in also say anything that can be improved thanks Blue
  9. Possible Terroist attack failed Today around 3 o'clock a plane crashed onto the main road le port Border high way it landed within meters of le port the pilot of the plane Mr A. Lucas stated "Basically What happened was I was flying my plane and my fuel pipe broke I was like fuck I will have to land it and the wing clipped the tree and yeah" just after that sentenced was said a Bomb detonated the plane and leaving one man killed who was passing by Harry Blumire was on the scene and said " the police just wasn't expecting that". Harry Blumire Malden National News
  10. Dozens Killed in a border Explosion It Is believed that A car was Blown up while entering the border, as of first sitting the Border Force Police and Civilians all suffered casualties from this explosion Press Reporter Harry Blumire was on scene for the explosion he described it as "horrible everyone was bleeding and The Border Force Didn't know what hit them, People where calling out for medics but none seem to come" the explosion hasn't been ruled out as a terrorist incident but MNN are advising people not to worry Graphic content