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      Staff Recruitment - Closed   01/05/2018

      Staff Applications that are still open will either be placed On-Hold until places are available or they will have an Accepted/Denied Response within due time. From today until further notice recruitment for staff is Closed.
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      United Nations Recruitment - Open   01/15/2018

      The United Nations recruitment has been re-opened due to members being placed under inactive and those who do not return to active within the next 24-48 hours will be removed and those wishing to join who have been placed on-hold will be reviewed.

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    +1 For the glorious nation of Takistan
  2. Gang Warehouse

    So it is very simple, What if gangs can get a warehouse, it works like normal houses but then for the entire gang. In a gangwarehouse, you can can store weapons/items like in a normal house. And maybe make it upgradable, like more storage space Better protection from raids Spawn point, Garage, etc etc.