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  1. Senior Management Meeting - Urgent

    Dear All Senior Management Team, A Meeting will be put in place for discussion of the Server and Community and lots of very important key points and events, that we need to overlook urgently. Kind Regards, C. Harper
  2. BG Motorcross

    Definatley a brilliant Idea! We can close down the roads and put directions on which way they need to go as police.
  3. Server Revive

    So your saying that every cop is arresting civilians in which they have a legal gun with the required license for that firearm. You still get arrested... Until your provide me evidence, then we cannot do anything. It goes for every other faction.
  4. Server Revive

    Correct my job is to do that role, and your job [the civilians] to pass on any complaints to the IPCC [Independent Police Complaints Commission] Application or even pass onto the Command so we can deal with the invidual. For you not telling the officers name, sounds like your just making some crap up really...
  5. Server Revive

    It would be helpful if you could actually pass this onto the Police Command so we can deal with it and deal with the officer who made the mistake.
  6. Taki Detective Agency [TDA]

    Something that we already have, regarding a special branch within the police force in which we have one and no-one has ever volunteered for the role in the NCA [National Crime Agency] which is like an Investigation Unit in Britian. In which is available for officers to join and aquire training in order to get into it. In which they will deal with large incidents like Investigations, Terrorism, Raids, Drug Busts etc. As well as should be not a seperate faction nor extra ranking system. But the ranks Detective and Detective Sergeant will be discussed on being added for officers wanting to join NCA.
  7. Police Ranked Powers Reminder Dear All Ranked Officers, If any officer attempts to boss around anybody above their rank or any other officer the same rank can be dealt with either demotion or discplinary. As well as including officers who can give out tags on teamspeak etc. If caught giving out tags to any other officer which has not be confirmed by command [Inspector +] will be demoted or kicked as well could be blacklisted. Kind Regards, C. Harper Police Superintendant
  8. Police Meeting - 7:30pm

    Police Meeting - 7:30 Dear all Officers, Police meeting at 7:30pm, we will be discussing the new changes and the trainings. As well informing about the Police National Computer and the CTSFO as well as the rank strucuture and the ways of going up the ranks. Nobody else should be entering the meeting only police ranked officials are allowed to be in the meeting. Kind Regards, C. Harper & BigtimeJ Police Command
  9. Two New Police Vehicles

    Added Mitsubishi Evo - Police Interceptor BMW M3 - Police ANPR Unit
  10. Added Mitsubishi Evo - Police Interceptor
  11. UN Raptors

    Good work mate! Keep it up!
  12. Website Development Logs: January 2018

    Date: 03/01/2018 Name: C. Harper Features in Development: Changed - Every tag:
  13. Website Development Logs: January 2018

    Date: 03/01/2018 Name: C. Harper Features in Development: Added - Website Developer Tag - Added - Teamspeak Developer Tag - Changed - Developer Tag -
  14. Website Development Logs: January 2018

    Date: 03/01/2018 Name: C. Harper Features in Development: Added - SCO19 Officer Tag - Added - SCO19 Commander Tag - Changed - The Police Officer Tag - Changed - The Police Command Tag -
  15. Added Ambulance Van - Medics Operational Support Unit - Police