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  1. BG Motorcross

    yes exactly, thank you
  2. BG Motorcross

    so i was thinking about making the Britannia gaming motocross event on the server probably this saturday or sunday depending on which suits more people, Here is a current layout of which the race will take place As you can see blow it will start in Nur above civ spawn and go all the way down to south airfield and then go back all the way up (you dont need to stop once you reach the airfield just go round the ATC Tower then you can start g, admins will be watching players to make sure they all stay on course and no weapons will be allowed or ramming during this race, it is suggested you bring at least 10 toolkits incase you do crash however should you crash that dosent mean your out the race only if you die, anyone caught cheating or ramming other players will get removed from the race and (also no nitro) and wont receive any of the reward, all factions can take part as the vehicles we will be using will be the jeep wrangler unlimited fast and furious or whatever its called again but you probably know what it is, the prize will be as follow below 1st: 500K 2nd 250k 3rd: 100k Let me know what you guys think and if you wanna take part
  3. Mining Skill

  4. Ugandan Way

  5. Changes in jurisdiction

  6. Faction Killing (READ ME)

    i agree
  7. Nato??? Or something like Nato??

    what daniel said is pretty much right
  8. X amount of hours

    the big issue is that most senior staff dont go on the server and half of the staff dont even have admin menu to kick/ban anyone on the server, if that was fixed it would be a bigger help
  9. CS:GO Skin giveaway

    since its Christmas i have decided to host just a small csgo skin giveaway so here it is https://gleam.io/O68al/glock18-wasteland-rebel-giveaway if you dont have csgo dont worry because i will doing a game giveaway shortly