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  1. PC Specs

    > Specs -CPU : i7 6700HQ -GPU : Nvidia GTX 960m -RAM : 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz
  2. Gang Leader Information

    Gang Leader information This applies to anyone who has/is planning on advertising/recruiting here for rebel group/gang. Its fun to be in a rebel group or in a gang on Altis Life and we support criminal and non criminal roleplay just the same however there are some things we need to make absolute clear to all gang leaders so they keep everything in a good standing. 1. This is a serious roleplay community make sure roleplay is high quality from all members in your rebels/gang. 2. The rules apply to everyone so please make sure your entire gang/rebel group follows them. 3. You must be on ts3.britanniagaming.co.uk at all times if you are in a rebel group or gang so its easy for other people to contact you if there is an issue, If you are not using our Teamspeak then we will remove your room without warning. 4. Gaming community's/Gaming groups are not allowed here nor do we allow promotion of them, There are to be no external teamspeaks/forums however you may use our gang/rebel forum to promote your gang to other members or post updates 5. Everyone must use our report a player and our dispute a ban, There should be no external forms, also please make it clear every member is to make there own thread/appeal and other members should stay out of those threads to avoid getting themselves banned. Please keep checking back as this thread may be updated at any point.
  3. Teamspeak Gang Tags

    We will now be issuing TS3 tags for group members, the tags will be as follows: Group Leader Tag (one per group) - This tag is a single tag that represents a leader for all of the groups on the server, there will not be individual tags per group for leaders. [Group Name] [GROUP] Tag, this tag is the tag that you will be able to customise as a group leader, you will be able to decide on one 16x16 icon, which will be assigned to this tag. You will have the ability to give this group tag out to all of your group members, as well as yourself. =================================== Please respond to this post with the following information: Group Name (will be used for your tag) Group Icon (16x16, ideally posted to an image sharing site like gyazo or imgur) A group leader who should get the initial group leader tag A link to your roster on the forums, which will be used to check all the information stated above. You will be able to collect your Group Leader tag from a member of staff, and your group tag will be assigned in the shortest time frame possible.
  4. Requirements An official 'Gang Announcement' post [Here] Updated Roster - You don't have to be actively recruiting, but you do need to make yourselves known to the community. Please include a list of your current active members. Unique Roleplay Background story minimum of 150 Characters. [Administrators can deny dependent on their discretion] Minimum of 5 gang members required at the time of creation Reread the Rules - As an established gang we expect you to know the details of the server and TeamSpeak Rules, and to follow them at all times. ================================================================================== Once done all listed above please approach a member of the Staff Team expressing your desire for a room. Initially, You will be provided with ONE 'Header Room' with One sub-channel. Gangs can purchase gang packages for extra rooms, contact Administrators for more information. Rooms will be reviewed periodically, and alterations may be made based on changing activity and/or gang size. Gang Room titles are made for telling people the rooms purpose, not for messages / memes. If you feel your channels have been incorrectly altered, please approach a member of staff and kindly explain the situation. If you initially misuse the gang rooms and use them for what they are not designed for in result they will be deleted with NO warning.
  5. J.Cloud

    I have been playing on the server and came across J.Cloud a couple of times, as far as i've seen he was the only police officer manning the border and knows the laws well, he's been Constable for a while now. I think he should be promoted to Senior Constable.
  7. Member of the month

    I Norminate Andrew
  8. Member of the month

  9. This could be a fun new experience, willing to give it a go.
  10. Officer Recognition

    They started a gang war on the forums in their gang post and decided to stay in my turf, which in turn led me to shoot them after they were told to leave. AND Mr. Superintendant can you explain why civilians are allowed to discharge their weapons in public (Including a RPG) and Driving Police Ford Explorers, which I don't know why they are driving as it is a glitched vehicle. If the police force needs help from 4 civs because of one KC that really says something about the Taki Police Force, doesn't it?
  11. Officer Recognition

    Although they did bend the law for the 4 civs they were pretty good, i think i might sue because of it.
  12. Officer Recognition

    If a little help means 4 guys armed to the teeth with RPGs and driving Police Ford Explorer (GLITCHED CARS) against 1 KC and Cookie (NOT KC). Although they did conduct themselves well and were great cops they were pretty much carried by the 4 civs helping them.
  13. Server Revive

    Im going to say this, If you are coming to support bring some evidence. IT HELP you and us deal with the situation faster.
  14. Future police commissioner

    RIP my Rep https://gyazo.com/27de5fe278305e4cb0ddcde699be1660
  15. Future police commissioner