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  1. BG Motorcross

    Sounds like a really good idea
  2. Couple of small changes i would make

    Toolkits can become permanent with a skill so focus on leveling that skill up. And personally, I like the ATM with pin codes as it is more realistic.
  3. Mining Skill

    I agree
  4. Black Squad Bounty hunting

    Agreed lol
  5. Making a bounty Hunting Gang

    This could be interesting and it could add more RP, I think it's a great idea.
  6. My Real Introduction

  7. Server Revive

    So basically if you receive 5 complaints about the same person but no one gives you evidence, you will basically let a person that might be corrupt go without any problems and not even investigate/keep an eye on him?
  8. Server Revive

    So basically because you have something against me and Lucifer you are telling him he's making stuff up and that he is bullshitting. Most Cops don't know what guns are legal and available to buy in the Civ gun store.
  9. New donation from J. Glenn

    lol Glenn saying Thanks to Glenn
  10. Taki Detective Agency [TDA]

    Still what civilian actually trusts the cop, They all prefer to shoot so its useless as the cops public relations are shit
  11. Taki Detective Agency [TDA]

    Me and Lucifer Morningstar would like to start a Private Detective Agency called Takistan Detective Agency or TDA for short. People who don't wanna go to the police (as nearly everyone prefers to shoot the cops first and the same way around) could come to us and hire us for many different cases, Stolen car, kidnapping or just investigation of a person etc. The Agency would have different detectives ranks and 2 leadership roles (Head Detective & Detective Superintendent) which I and Lucifer would fill. The Agency would coordinate with Police and UN if they are chasing Criminals. (The detectives would have to read the Miranda Rights to the criminals but they would not send them to jail, they would call for Police backup to take the Criminals to jail. The Taki Detective Agency would need an Office with shops for vehicles and gear. And some vehicles would have to be retextured so they have the TDA on the side of the vehicle. The Agency would have a Marked Vehicle with the TDA on the side and one undercover vehicle without the logo. We would use our own code system (has 10 codes). The Trainee Detective would not be able to handle their own cases but they could go on cases with a higher rank. Some cases require a specific rank so a trainee detective could not go on a murder case. Case prices would have a set price but it may be changed depending on the Risk Level of Taki and so would the gear we would use (Risk & Case) The Detectives would be paid from the money of the case they completed or from the leaders of the Agency. Rank Structure and abbreviations: Head Detective [HD] Detective Superintendent [DSI] Detective Sergeant [DS] Senior Detective [SD] Detective [Det] Trainee Detective [TD]
  12. NHS Ford Raptor Supervisor

    Looks great
  13. Hello

    Hi, my name is K. McGarrett but most people call me by my nickname Sev or my Police name S. Chandler. I've been in this community for quite some time now and I'm really enjoying my time here. I'm really interested in gaming and cars (Especially Camaros and Mustangs). In my spare time, I study online and me and my girlfriend are currently working on her dad's car (ford mustang 2005) together. That's about all I have to say, hope to meet some new people on Teamspeak and on the server.
  14. EMS Retrofit

    Sounds really good