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  1. Issues

  2. Issues

    I'm just saying how me and other members I've talked to feel like with the staff team. The staff team is a giant friends circle and nothing will happen with the complaints as they are looking out for each other. Here's an example: I was in a support case for being called a fat Swedish cunt and I had forgotten to turn a VPN off that I had on another ts. So the staff member (not gonna say who cuz Shadow and Brink dealt with it yesterday) completely ignored my support case and said I was being banned cuz I forgot to turn it off. Then I said that I wanted to speak with Shadow but that only made the staff member hostile towards me. And then Jay came into the support case like fine he stopped me from being banned but he never did anything against the staff member for being really hostile. And the fact that I was being called a fat Swedish cunt still has not been taken up with the member that said that and it was completely ignored. So why even bother to try when It's just gonna be ignored because of a friend circle.
  3. Issues

    It is because every time we try to report something, we get told oh we can't act upon one complaint and we need evidence. Like, am I supposed to record every conversation and support case I have on Teamspeak?. The only staff member I have actually seen/heard that is doing their job is Villingten, And that is saying something about how organized the staff team is.
  4. Question for Staff

    But it has happened before
  5. Server Revive

    So basically if you receive 5 complaints about the same person but no one gives you evidence, you will basically let a person that might be corrupt go without any problems and not even investigate/keep an eye on him?
  6. Server Revive

    So basically because you have something against me and Lucifer you are telling him he's making stuff up and that he is bullshitting. Most Cops don't know what guns are legal and available to buy in the Civ gun store.
  7. New donation from J. Glenn

    lol Glenn saying Thanks to Glenn
  8. Faction Killing (READ ME)