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  1. My Real Introduction

  2. Takistan Life Change Log

    Changelog 2.3 V2 Released 08/01/18 - Live on the server at the 4:00pm restart. Added - Ammo for the pistols in the rebel store. Added - NVG's to the police store. Added - UN Ammo. Added - UN unarmed Apache [Whitelist level 12]. Added - Clean up script (Deletes blown up cars etc at set intervals). Changed - Position of the prison. Changed - Position of the Rasmon police station . Changed/Fixed - UN vehicle store. Changed - Morphine is now LEGAL (will not show as an illegal object when searched). Changed - New version of infistar (Perms have been reassessed) Fixed - UN attachments - Now work within the store. Fixed - UN helicopter store. Removed - Taxi SUV (Untextured). This update was worked on by John and Shadow.
  3. Takistan Military Police

  4. Takistan Life Change Log

    Changelog 2.3 Released 07/01/18 - Live on the server at the 8:00pm restart. Added - Added in 6x PMC arm badges. Added - Bradly to the C.T.S.F.O vehicle store. Added - Counter-terrorism clothing to the police store (Requires at least sergeant whitelisting) Added - 4x New scopes into rebel store - More attachments to come soon depending on what the feedback is. Changed - Remove SCO chopper and replaced it with UH-60M. Changed - Removed the riot shield from the cadet store and put it into the armed response shop. Changed - The sergeant snipers to the correct whitelist level. Changed - Users with infistar (some users have been removed - Management decision) Fixed - SCO whitelist levels Fixed - Taser (Now the PO7 can be found in the stores) Removed - "Oh Thank You" message - Now nothing appears.
  5. Takistan Life Change Log

    Changelog 2.2 Released 07/01/18 - Live on the server Changed - SCO uniforms and vests changed Changed - The taser back to the PO7 Fixed - Taser (Now actually tase's instead of killing the person) Removed - 2 SCO vests
  6. Refresher Training Plan - 08/01/2018

    What time is this training?
  7. More Variety

    I'll have a look into implementing some more clothing as currently we are only using the default arma clothing. I will also take a look into any new attachments to add to the rebel shop for next update.
  8. Preview of new in-game phone, what do you think?

    Looks really good!
  9. Takistan Life Change Log

    Changelog 2.1 Release 04/01/18 - Release at 8:00pm restart Changed - Some names on the ID cards Changed - All of the UN whitelists for weapons & vehicles Changed - Enabled death log (all deaths ingame can be tracked) Changed - Revive fee from 7500 to 15000 Changed - All cop. civ and medic paychecks Changed - Paychecks are received every 15 minutes as a pose to every 5 minutes Changed - When you hit tab it no longer says "Oh shit waddup!" and has been changed to "Oh Thank You!" Changed - To enable police sirens you must now click "G" (allows for police to cycle through the sirens with the "F" key) Changed - Whitelist level required to get the RPG in the SCO shop - set to level 6 (sergeant) Changed - The price of the Phantom CZ and Glock 17 within the PMC store. Changed - Changed the price of Coke from 1800 per piece to 2000 Changed - Changed the price of Uranium from 5400 per piece to 3800 Fixed - LSD Fields
  10. UN Raptors

  11. UN Raptors

    Great Work! Thoughts - @JackTheSpak@J. Glenn
  12. Gang Warehouse

    I get what you mean kinda gang bases to store things etc. Sounds good and gives police the chance to gather Intel and request warrants etc. I'll see what we can get into the server.
  13. Faction Killing (READ ME)

  14. Ambulance and Operational Support Unit Vans

    Looking good! Are the vans from the DLC?
  15. Good Day!

    Welcome to the server, we hope you enjoy your stay