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  1. PC Specs

    CPU: Toaster extreme edition GPU: AK-12 Extended magazine RAM: Dodge Charger
  2. Member of the month

    I nominate myself
  3. Member of the month

    You can dominate me anytime
  4. The Health on BG is weird?

    No hate on the video plz. Took me less than 5 min <3
  5. The Health on BG is weird?

    Are the Vests broken or is the SCO19 in constant god mode? Me and @Cookie had combined around 9-14 hits on @John Smith . Keep in mind that normal police and UN dies in 2-3 hits with 7.62mm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7sgUC5F9ps&feature=youtu.be
  6. Put election on hold

    Put the next election on hold until the government system actually works as intended.
  7. How to make the most money as Civ

    These prices are based on a neutral economy. Which means that object has neither decreased or increased in price. This is what I got when doing jobs with a Tempest Transport (285 capacity) and a Bergen Backpack (140 capacity) I will keep on editing this post when I have done more jobs. Oil: 260k Weed: 350k Cocaine: 370k Copper: 250k Heroin: 350k Rocks: 120k Iron: 260k Sand: 120k Diamonds: 310k Salt: 140k Uranium: 400k <-- Need heli Ruby: 250k (Need helicopter for this one, I used Little bird which has 90 capacity). Golden Transport: 600+k (This one is quite hard since you need weapons to kill all of the AI that protects the convoy).