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  1. The Health on BG is weird?

    No hate on the video plz. Took me less than 5 min <3
  2. The Health on BG is weird?

    Are the Vests broken or is the SCO19 in constant god mode? Me and @Cookie had combined around 9-14 hits on @John Smith . Keep in mind that normal police and UN dies in 2-3 hits with 7.62mm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7sgUC5F9ps&feature=youtu.be
  3. Couple of small changes i would make

    I disagree about the toolkits. It is annoying but if you spend 3-4 hours on the server you can max the repair skill. (Totally understand the frustration though.) I agree with the ATMs, they are a bit annoying but since the community seems to like them for its realism I doubt they will change it. If you want you could bring it up tomorrow at the community meeting. Thanks for your suggestions!
  4. Mining Skill

    Mining is one of the most boring tasks in any RP server. sitting somewhere for 30 min whilst the player is auto mining is really boring and takes to long IMO. Since we already have a skill for processing I suggest that we also add a skill for quicker mining.
  5. Ugandan Way

    Yes bruddas! Ill vote for you
  6. More Variety

    I can agree. We don't NEED more weapons but I personally would like it. The attachments are definitely a problem though
  7. More Variety

    I would like more variety when it comes to weapons and attachments in the rebel area. The CUP mod offers such a wide variety of firearms to play around with and I don't understand why we do not implement more of them. Although more weapons could be added it is not my greatest concern. The amount of attachments in the rebel shop is laughable at best. Holo sight, RCO, and DMS are the only attachments you have to make the ultimate weapon. (Kinda disappointing). Where are the silencers, sniper scopes, Bipods? Civilians love firearms, happy civilians mean more players! Plz comment what firearms and attachments you would like to see in the rebel weapon shop
  8. UN Raptors

    Well done!
  9. Put election on hold

    Put the next election on hold until the government system actually works as intended.
  10. Takistan Royals

    Sounds like roleplay!
  11. Takistan Royals

    Makes it even better
  12. Takistan Royals

    Worth a shot
  13. Takistan Royals

    Then Could you please leave
  14. Takistan Royals

    Name : Takistan RoyalsParty Leader: @Lord Villingten Party 2nd: @LauraParty Publicist: @DanielOther Members: None3 Main Political Goals: Stabilise the country and rid of the terrorism. Make Marijuana legal to use and sell. Keep the UN in their place by not allowing them to enter the north. How Will You Make Takistan Great Again (3 Points): I will minimise the number of deaths caused by Terrorist by funding the police force in order for them to get better gear. I will legalize the use of Marijuana because it is a harmless drug. The only side effect is that Marijuana makes everyone peaceful, which doesn't sound too bad. I will banish the UN to the south. The only thing the UN does is striking fear among the population of Takistan which in turn makes the civs unhappy and that leads to terror acts. Party Quote: A UN free country is a happy country!
  15. I have been the prime minister for 3 days and I have seen some great roleplay come out of it. I have had countless meetings with UN and Police, Made a few new laws allowing the use of Medical Marijuana and made any kind of primary weapon illegal to use. There have been assassination attempts and a car bombing. I tried to fund the Police force and the UN using my own money from when I played as a civilian. I have arranged meetings with civilians that had concerns, wanted to talk or just had ideas for new laws that they think would fit. It is safe to say that a prime minister brings a lot of fun roleplay for everyone and every faction. The PMC's will always have a contract when the PM is online and Civs get a valuable target to take out if it's needed. With that in mind, it does get a bit tricky for civilians and factions to know what laws that have been made when you can't check them anywhere. Since the prime minister brings in a lot of valuable roleplay, I would like the developers to finish the government system before next term. It will make it easier and everyone can keep up with the laws that the PM have set. Thanks for reading.