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      Hello all, We are currently looking for American/Canadian Members to join our Staff Team. If this is something you are interested please fill out an application. Please note that Staff Applications are open for American/Canadian members only, any applications that are not from America or Canada will be declined Kind Regards Bigtimej - Staff Manager


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  1. Police Unban Appeal

    Hello all, Please fill in this form if you have been banned from the Police Department and wish to submit an appeal. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/15SkXQ7AdxfLhbYn5jIwMQ6-sOXJ2qwimwkQZm6kiMuY/edit Kind Regards Jay Smith - Police Command, Human Resources
  2. Issues

    Well as of the 24th all support cases will be recorded until further notice and the audio files will be uploaded when case logs are filled in. This will allow Glenn and I to monitor support cases and the staff team.
  3. Issues

    Hello all, A lot of you claim to have complaints about the staff team, but when I give you the option to speak up confidentially you don't and then moan that I will not act upon complaints. I don't know where you got this idea from and I am a little annoyed that people think that I will just ignore them. My main role is to ensure that the staff team are doing their jobs and this is hard when community members do not inform me if a staff member is being unprofessional. I can't act upon the staff team if I am not being informed. So I just want to know why you are not reporting the staff team if you have a complaint and why you think I will not act upon complaints. Please keep this clean and civil. Kind regards Bigtimej - Staff Manager
  4. If you have a complaint about an officer in Interpol please fill out the form provided. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AdhmKwZ2XH6i59z6RQeV8bAYnoTOd97OoPPrQIP9fC0/viewform?edit_requested=true All complaints will be handled confidentially and no names will be passed onto the officer(s) involved. You will receive a response from an IPCC representative within 24-48 hours saying that your complaint has been received. You will be contacted with the outcome of the case once your complaint has been investigated. Kind Regards Jay Smith - Police Inspector - Head of the IPCC
  5. All Staff Must Attend.

    This is a very important staff meeting so all must attend! @Bigtimej @J. Glenn @Lord Villingten @Blue @Hundyz @ColtMiller @Daniel @krizzy93 @C. Harper
  6. Website Development Logs: January 2018

    Date: 10/01/18 Name: Bigtimej Features in Development: Added - rules at 22.05
  7. until
    Very important staff meeting all must attend! If you can not attend please inform the staff manager asap with a reason why. Please RSVP to this event. Kind Regards Bigtimej - Staff Manager @J. Glenn@John Smith@cooper killer @JackTheSpak @Jake Bruce @Lord Villingten @Hundyz @Chibs Black @BioKid @Brink @Shadow
  8. All Senior Management Must Attend


    Yea will change it to 8.
  9. All Senior Management Must Attend

    Hi all, Please RSVP to this event. If you can not attend please inform Marshall ASAP with a reason why. Kind Regards Bigtimej - Staff Manager @Shadow @cooper killer @JackTheSpak @John Smith
  10. As many To turn up as possible

    We ask that all members please attend
  11. until
    All staff must be there. If you can't make it you must have a valid reason please inform the Staff Manager ASAP with a valid reason.