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  1. Takistan Military Police

    gg on making a channel, ur a saint x And yeah, you can't form a police force without a command framework. Using an old ranking structure from another server is a decent enough skeleton to then start refining. Anyway, allow me to mass quote and fully lay out my argument. You can do this by simply giving the normal police cadets non lethal firearms. You can encourage roleplay by not being a nonce. Oh, and you can also place rifles in your backpack, that's not an ability reserved simply for people under the TMP banner. HR and Internal Affairs are very nearly the same thing. Special Forces are already implemented with CTSFOs. I touch back to my regular point which nobody really seems to get: you can roleplay anyway...? The Police don't need a rehaul to hold RP events. U can lit do this with any ranking structure lol x Translation = don't be a cunt to civs. You don't need to rename your police force to not be a wankstain. "and metagaming is not allowed" is just by far the funniest fucking addition to this post. Virtual, I admire the enthusiasm, but it's just too much fucking work for problems that can be solved by r o l e p l a y i n g properly... am I going mad? and you've been here three days x Bolton PS: I'm not a police officer.
  2. Takistan Military Police

    You've clearly not played on the server long enough to know why this won't work. The Police Force is fine at the moment, the touch ups that are required are down to the police's ability (and the civ's ability too, don't get me wrong) to roleplay effectively. You don't need new names, uniforms, and handbooks to RP. Enough work's been placed into the force as it is, and it's unnecessary to implement new ideas and documents over the existing ones. TLDR; Just fucking RP properly and we don't need to change anything.
  3. Takistan Military Police

    Moral of the story: Actually promote people who deserve it, Don't give everyone lethals, Learn to RP U can do all this shit without a full-scale redevelopment. Oh and we already have a military presence on the server, we don't need two. I agree with the better focus on actual rank attainment and roleplay, however, but you're making a stupid amount of work for a very simple issue.
  4. Changes in jurisdiction

    Evening all. From my few weeks on the server, one thing has become very clear from at least a civilian perspective: The United Nations appears to be fulfilling a police role, also whilst seeming to want to kill the police (and vice versa) over menial matters such as the PM. Fear not, for Bolton bears a solution which myself and other players have seen work before. Allow me to give you a little bit of context so this makes sense in respect to RP. The Northern State of Takistan has a stable, democratic government, and thus has a well established police force which are self-sufficient and able to do the job well enough themselves, equipped with counter-terror and military assets of its own should war break out. The Southern State of Takistan, however, has no stable leadership whatsoever and is dominated by both rebel and terrorist cells. Northern Takistan wouldn't have the ability to police both states, and struggles enough with the North as it is. Therefore, it makes sense for the UN to have that jurisdiction, as one of the UN's mission statements is to restore stability to fragmented regions (take Sudan, as an example). What this would entail is the UN policing the South, giving them something to do other than patrol the north due to the lack of anything else to fill their time with. Drug fields and processors in the South are very rarely, if ever, raided by the Northern police. Given the instability of South Takistan, it makes sense for the UN to have that duty. Without needing to dabble in the North, there'll be more resources to allocate to manning the borders (which I saw the police doing earlier today as well... peculiar). "But what about South Gov, Bolton? WHAT ABOUT SOUTH GOV?!" I hear the sceptics scream from the sidelines. Well, when a South Government is established, there is technically an agreed form of leadership and governmental system, and the UN can then retreat to their jurisdiction around the border and their base, or having new spheres of influence discussed in negotiations (that means RP, UN fellas. Scary). Trust me, when South Gov kicks off, the UN needs all its manpower at those borders. The UN needs to remain as impartial as possible here, especially with South Gov now finding its way into the mix. I hope you guys see where I'm coming from. Don't forget to hit the poll and post ITT to share your opinions or other work arounds. I just think that this makes so much more sense and will lead to a lot less conflict and spite between factions and civilians. Clear borders and roles, with no grey areas. Cheers, Treat yourself to a free aesthetic wallpaper. Regards, Bolton
  5. More Variety

    Definitely more attachments, I agree. However, too many new weapons can just be overbearing and you'll find a lot of them just go unused once players find the best one from the selection. What we do need, however, is a shop for better clothing, vests, and helmets.
  6. Dear loyal citizen of our glorious nation of Takistan, Myself and my associates are writing to you today to inform you of our, Black Wolf and Associates Ltd., position in next year's democratic election. As some of you may be aware, Black Wolf has already established a presence within the civilian demographic situated in Northern Takistan. We, politically or not, will and have always attempted to be on side with the people of Takistan, and not its government. Myself as the Chief Executive and our employees have witnessed first-hand the powers of the current Governmental forces and their hired guns, also known as VRANA. Black Wolf, if elected into office by loyal supporters such as yourself, will seek to return power back to the individual, rather than to a dictatorial form of oppressive imperialism. We will strive to ensure that civilians are no longer subject to unprovoked searches and seizures, that our children need no longer witness the patrols of armoured vehicles and militarised police, and that we can finally live in peace, together and united. One nation and its people. Thank you for taking your time to read our address. If there any concerns, questions, or queries about our corporation's involvement within the next election, please contact us either directly at our office, or by using the details copied below. We wish you a prosperous and healthy life, whatever the future may hold. Regards, Bolton CEO, Black Wolf and Associates Ltd.