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  1. Black Squad Bounty hunting

    Haha dont worry still have tk delete that fuk discord
  2. Black Squad Bounty hunting

    Haha dead or alive we^ll get u
  3. Black Squad Bounty hunting

    Hello my name is Chibs Black I am incharge of Black Squad and this is our story: Black Squad was made By the US army, they were a unit which didn't exist and did covert ops, after they had seen enough the original members left black squad and started their own Bounty hunting Company. Everyday we go out on the streets and assist the police with recovering fugitives. When I as Commander heard that Takistan was getting crowded with criminals I took black squad to operate here in Taki to get more money. We are a highly skilled team here to assist the pd with the criminals in takistan. members: Our roster https://gyazo.com/098d5f55276e7f732144795881f06448
  4. Making a bounty Hunting Gang

    Hello my name is Chibs Black many know me as LPX Jay, I wanted to make a bounty hunting gang, I want to do this because I haven't seen people do bounty's a lot or ask about it., and I think its can add a whole new bunch of solid Rp. I wanted to make a gang so people actually have to apply for it and we can monetize the people who join and we keep an close eye on this selective group instead of it being for every civ so everyone can abuse the fact that there are bounty hunters. I would love to know how people think about this I see a lot of potential role play between civs and cops mostly. I think this will be awesome as there isn't a lot of rp between cops and civs in a positive way at this time. most of the time cops and civs are against each other its nice to see a different kind of role play thanks for reading! Cheers, Chibs Black