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      Staff Recruitment - Closed   01/05/2018

      Staff Applications that are still open will either be placed On-Hold until places are available or they will have an Accepted/Denied Response within due time. From today until further notice recruitment for staff is Closed.
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      United Nations Recruitment - Open   01/15/2018

      The United Nations recruitment has been re-opened due to members being placed under inactive and those who do not return to active within the next 24-48 hours will be removed and those wishing to join who have been placed on-hold will be reviewed.


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  1. Gang Warehouse

    Sounds like a decent idea but I have no idea how difficult the implementation side of this is, in that it may be difficult for some of these features to be achieved for groups of people. Although to an extent I don't see the need for this when it could just be added to the existing house system, maybe adding the option to purchase larger complexes, but again I don't know how this would all be done.
  2. Possible Milsim For 2018

    I think this is a good idea, it just needs approaching differently. Calling it "milsim" implies that there would be permanent positions of authority and to have this perception doesn't help. I like the idea of a once a week semi-casual operation which could occur in a variety of theatres aimed at the whole community, as this would add to, and not detract from, the whole community. One simple operation a week will not divide the community, and will not cause anybody to be massively focused on these missions, especially if the scenarios are different every week. I see here a good opportunity to bring the entire community together for some fun operations, just as long as it doesn't start taking over. Just look at the invasion 1944 weekly missions that occured in community I cannot name a few years ago. They went very well (not just because of who put in the many hours to keep them going every week, running the server off his own PC) and had a positive impact on the whole community. People can meet other members that they wouldn't otherwise meet etc.
  3. X amount of hours

    I think a set value is a bad idea, as giving a target for people to work to seems more likely to encourage staff members to work only the bare minimum. Of course, inactive staff members are wasting their position, but I don't think this is the best method to deal with it. Staff should want to be in their position because of the fulfilment they gain from the role, and because of their desire to help the community. I think the best system is just for staff managers to personally review the staff team for activity regularly, and isolate those who are lacking in contribution. It is also very hard to measure how long they are on the server for unless people want to spend their time trawling through records. Finally, being a member of staff is not solely about contribution on the server, so measuring them in only this way is an unfair judgement as it is entirely possible to spend all day on the server yet do nothing in their staff role