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      Staff Applications that are still open will either be placed On-Hold until places are available or they will have an Accepted/Denied Response within due time. From today until further notice recruitment for staff is Closed.
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      United Nations Recruitment - Open   01/15/2018

      The United Nations recruitment has been re-opened due to members being placed under inactive and those who do not return to active within the next 24-48 hours will be removed and those wishing to join who have been placed on-hold will be reviewed.


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  1. South Government

    May the north have mercy!
  2. Mining Skill

    There is a community meeting tomorrow, these sort of ideas please mention them in the meeting.
  3. Ugandan Way

  4. Making a bounty Hunting Gang

    I do like the idea for members now wanting to use the Bounty Hunter System and long as its not abused you have a like from me.
  5. Server Revive

    Enough now!!!!!
  6. Takistan Life Change Log

    Changelog 2.3 V4 Release Date: 10/01/2017 Removed - MDMA Removed - Generator Removed - LSD Perk removed from experience menu Changed - Rebel gun prices Changed - Minor map edits Changed - Radio in civilian store now $900 Fixed - Van Storage Added - LSD Field Added - LSD Processor Added - Casino Slots Added - Explosive Vest (£850000) Added - Y Menu Admin Panel Added - Purge Event
  7. We have recently contacted Bohemia Interactive for Server Monetization and we have just been accepted. Check out our new donation policy and available perks. http://britanniagaming.co.uk/index.php?/monetization/
  8. Shadow Madness

    Hello there, I am Shadow, no not the character from Shadow the Hedgehog but in fact the owner and founder of this epic community surrounded with friends and a great staff team. I am interested in gaming, especially in the development side of making games. In my spare time I am always working to improve Britannia Gaming to ensure the staff team are professional and the members are happy. When I am not online I am usually working as a qualified IT Engineer as I have a degree in Computer Science and always looking to keep busy. Anyway that is enough about me, I hope new and future members enjoy your time at this fantastic community.
  9. Future police commissioner

    It has been brought to my attention from a couple members thinking if they apply for the police force they will instantly get police commissioner, that is incorrect. If you want the opportunity to be the commissioner when the position reopens up, you will have to be in the police force of the previous term of the faction leader. You will have to apply for the position then the faction will vote for the new leader.
  10. Takistan Police Force The Takistan Police Force has a rank structure which delegates the different roles and responsibilities depending on the particular rank. When a order has been issued, you are expected to follow their orders regardless of their rank. Any insubordination is not tolerated and will be dealt with immediately and swiftly. Promotions & Demotions Ranking up should be done on a pure basis if the person deserves his or her new rank, just because someone does one thing good does not mean they should be ranked up. They should show a high proficiency in all areas as a police officer, some of the areas are, But that are not inclusive to are: Role-play, listening to orders, shooting, professionalism and general knowledge on how to police. Doing one of these well should not rank you up, you should show an ability to do multiple of them well. Being promoted should be a special occasion and will be decided by the senior police command and announced in weekly meetings. Promotions will be issued on a basis that, the officer has passed the necessary training and the promoted will better serve the police force in their new role. Please note you will note be promoted just because you are friends with the senior officer, promotions are given to those who have proven themselves. Demotions are a last resort, which will be discussed amongst the inspectors who have the authority to demote with a valid reason. If a police officer has committed insubordination, broken rules or if they are deemed they are no longer suitable for their role. Rank Structure Police Cadet Police Constable Police Senior Constable Police Sergeant Police Inspector Police Superintendent Police Commissioner Cadets After successfully passing the applicant process, as well the induction interview. You will be issued the cadet tag on teamspeak. When becoming a cadet you are placed on a 7 day probation which you will be monitored for your activity, roleplay in-game and passing the induction test. Constable: Constable is the next rank from cadet. Individuals at this position are the backbone of the Police Force and presents a decent knowledge as a officer and they have passed their induction. When achieving this rank, you will be expected to patrol with cadets and have authority over them. Senior Constable: Senior Constable is the next rank after Constable. Senior Constables are more experienced as police officers, once as this rank you can process to sergeant by completing the Officer Advanced Training after seven days of being promoted. From here you can advance and become an Instructor, Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer (CTSFO) an elite armed police officer. Sergeant: Sergeants have a lot of responsibility. They earn the authority to set patrols, suspend officers and take lead of situations in game. Once becoming a sergeant, they have the ability to view and comment on applications. From here you can advance further and become a Interceptor, Air Support Unit, Instructor and opportunity to become a inspector. Inspectors: Becoming a inspector offers a lot of responsibility in the Police Force as they are classed as senior command of the force. They manage departments within the police force such as, officer progression, administration and recruitment. Superintendent: The Superintendent is in second command of the police force and observes all departments by the inspectors. The Police commission is responsible for appointing this position and must be an Inspector to achieve this role. Commissioner: The Police Commissioner is the faction Leader of the Police Force. He works along side the superintendent and inspectors on the running of the faction and has overall responsibility and decision making regarding the faction. You must be in the police force once the previous commissioner has finished his term.
  11. Changes in jurisdiction

    I totally agree with this post.
  12. Faction Killing (READ ME)

    It has come to managements attention that there has been multiply incidents involving both the United Nations and Police factions killing one another intentionally, this can not be allowed at this can ruin the server and as members of these factions all members are representing the server and community. If this a rule break and if it happens again, the individual will be removed from the faction and will receive a 7 day ban without appeal. If you are a member of a faction you are required to comment below to indicate you have read this post! THIS IS THE FIRST AND FINAL WARNING TO ALL FACTION MEMBERS
  13. Community Meeting

    There will be community meetings every two weeks commencing on a Saturday.
  14. Put election on hold

    The issue with putting the government system on hold wouldn't be advisable because its go take at least a month before it will be working as there are still other development need finishing and bug fixes.
  15. Nato??? Or something like Nato??

    Good idea but we already have the United Nations who are the military and SCO19 which is similar to SWAT