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      Hello all, We are currently looking for American/Canadian Members to join our Staff Team. If this is something you are interested please fill out an application. Please note that Staff Applications are open for American/Canadian members only, any applications that are not from America or Canada will be declined Kind Regards Bigtimej - Staff Manager

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  3. Charity event

    I would be down.
  4. Charity event

    Great Idea! I will try get a few friends to come along and take part within this!
  5. Charity event

    Good evening everyone, hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend As most of you are aware on March 24th is Red Nose Day which is a charity to help children and families all across the United Kingdom including the most poorest communities around the globe. In the last few days I have had a idea to set up a fundraising event to help a charity called Great Ormond Street Hospital. The main idea is to set up an Arma 3 tournament with an entry fee of £5 per person. I was thinking it could be a PVP gun game or something similar. The winner of the tournament would receive a Steam Gift Card. If you are a twitch streamer or you-tuber this would be a great opportunity to show your subscribers you are willing to promote a good cause. I have contacted multiple communities iwho are interested in the idea and awaiting a reply back from the community owners. Of cause this idea would need a lot of preparation and organisation for something like this to work. About GOSH Every day, 618 children and young people from across the UK arrive at GOSH. Every day, doctors and nurses battle the most complex illnesses, and the brightest minds come together to achieve pioneering medical breakthroughs. And every day is a chance for you to make a difference. This extraordinary hospital has always depended on charitable support to give seriously ill children the best chance to fulfil their potential. A better future for seriously ill children starts here. If you want to find out more information about this great charity click their link below. http://www.gosh.nhs.uk/ I am asking everyone to please post some feedback below with ideas for the event. Please keep your comments positive as this is for a good cause. Kind Regards William
  6. PC Specs

  7. PC Specs

    CPU: Toaster extreme edition GPU: AK-12 Extended magazine RAM: Dodge Charger
  8. PC Specs

    > Specs -CPU : i7 6700HQ -GPU : Nvidia GTX 960m -RAM : 16GB DDR4 2133Mhz
  9. PC Specs

    There is a specific page on your profiles for this exact information shown here:
  10. PC Specs

    What are everyones PC specs?
  11. Teamspeak Gang Requirements

    Of cause Lord Glenn nobody would touch your permissions or channels LMAO
  12. Teamspeak Gang Requirements

    Just as long as people know who has control over the Teamspeak Layouts and creations of channels/Server Groups then I'm all good.
  13. Teamspeak Gang Requirements

    He re-posted the gang threads on my request
  14. Teamspeak Gang Requirements

    Putting me out of another job are we?
  15. Teamspeak Gang Tags

    Putting me out of a job are we?
  16. Gang Leader Information

    Gang Leader information This applies to anyone who has/is planning on advertising/recruiting here for rebel group/gang. Its fun to be in a rebel group or in a gang on Altis Life and we support criminal and non criminal roleplay just the same however there are some things we need to make absolute clear to all gang leaders so they keep everything in a good standing. 1. This is a serious roleplay community make sure roleplay is high quality from all members in your rebels/gang. 2. The rules apply to everyone so please make sure your entire gang/rebel group follows them. 3. You must be on ts3.britanniagaming.co.uk at all times if you are in a rebel group or gang so its easy for other people to contact you if there is an issue, If you are not using our Teamspeak then we will remove your room without warning. 4. Gaming community's/Gaming groups are not allowed here nor do we allow promotion of them, There are to be no external teamspeaks/forums however you may use our gang/rebel forum to promote your gang to other members or post updates 5. Everyone must use our report a player and our dispute a ban, There should be no external forms, also please make it clear every member is to make there own thread/appeal and other members should stay out of those threads to avoid getting themselves banned. Please keep checking back as this thread may be updated at any point.
  17. Teamspeak Gang Tags

    We will now be issuing TS3 tags for group members, the tags will be as follows: Group Leader Tag (one per group) - This tag is a single tag that represents a leader for all of the groups on the server, there will not be individual tags per group for leaders. [Group Name] [GROUP] Tag, this tag is the tag that you will be able to customise as a group leader, you will be able to decide on one 16x16 icon, which will be assigned to this tag. You will have the ability to give this group tag out to all of your group members, as well as yourself. =================================== Please respond to this post with the following information: Group Name (will be used for your tag) Group Icon (16x16, ideally posted to an image sharing site like gyazo or imgur) A group leader who should get the initial group leader tag A link to your roster on the forums, which will be used to check all the information stated above. You will be able to collect your Group Leader tag from a member of staff, and your group tag will be assigned in the shortest time frame possible.
  18. Requirements An official 'Gang Announcement' post [Here] Updated Roster - You don't have to be actively recruiting, but you do need to make yourselves known to the community. Please include a list of your current active members. Unique Roleplay Background story minimum of 150 Characters. [Administrators can deny dependent on their discretion] Minimum of 5 gang members required at the time of creation Reread the Rules - As an established gang we expect you to know the details of the server and TeamSpeak Rules, and to follow them at all times. ================================================================================== Once done all listed above please approach a member of the Staff Team expressing your desire for a room. Initially, You will be provided with ONE 'Header Room' with One sub-channel. Gangs can purchase gang packages for extra rooms, contact Administrators for more information. Rooms will be reviewed periodically, and alterations may be made based on changing activity and/or gang size. Gang Room titles are made for telling people the rooms purpose, not for messages / memes. If you feel your channels have been incorrectly altered, please approach a member of staff and kindly explain the situation. If you initially misuse the gang rooms and use them for what they are not designed for in result they will be deleted with NO warning.
  19. Senior Management: Owner - The owner's role is to make sure the decisions made by the senior management are intended for the best intentions of the community, The owner over-rules decisions made which are deemed not to be in the best interests of the community. Director - The director's role is to make the final decisions in matters regarding the community. The director has the ability to over-rule any decision made (excluding ones put into place by the owner). The director also processes all complaints regarding management and has the ability to promote and demote to the rank of assistant director [These decisions will be made alongside the owner]. Assistant Director - The assistant director has the ability to make decisions regarding the community, however, if the decision is community-wide and an owner or director is not available then the decision can be executed only if both Assistant Directors agree with the decision. Community Management Community Manager - The community managers role is to maintain peace on the server which has been assigned to them, furthermore, they are responsible for passing relevant information to developers for implementation. (CM's are the only ones which are able to approve items being added to stores in-game, SMT will only intervene when necessary.) Staff Manager - The staff managers role is to maintain peace within the staff team and make sure support cases are fore filled to an acceptable quality. Furthermore, the staff manager has the ability to promote and demote (Highest promotion is Head Admin) To confirm, while the whole of management tries to agree on things through voting decisions cannot all be made this way. Therefore, the following hierarchy has been implemented to allow for over-ruling of decision where deemed necessary by the management member(s). Senior Management - Make final decisions regarding the community and keep the best intentions of the server in mind at all time. Community Management - Maintain the servers assigned to them while acting on feedback provided by any member of Senior Management.
  20. Game night!

    Hello all, I am happy to announce that this Friday ( 16/03/18) will be Britannia Gaming's first Games Night! This week we hope to get as many people as possible into a game of cards against humanity! The rewards for the top 3 are as follows: 1st place - 100k ingame 2nd place - 50k ingame 3rd place - 25k ingame We hope you join us Regards SeaBreeze
  21. Server Development Logs: March 2018

    Altis Life V1.0.2 Added - Experience & Perk system Added - Side convoy missions for civilians Added - New Intro Added - More weapons to shops Added - Staff on and off duty menu. Added - New Y menu Added - New Vehicle Shop and Garage Dialog Added - About to jump now. Added - Status bar Added - New HUD Added - AutoSave Script Added - Quest System for Talent Tree (Perk System) Changed - Cop weapon and vehicle prices. Fixed - Able to buy houses now Fixed - Peach glitch.
  22. Blestgaming

  23. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Thanks for your response. Even though he has lived way longer than anyone could think, it is sad to see him go.
  24. RIP Stephen Hawking

    It's a shame to hear that he is gone, but as many know he lived much longer than was expected with the condition he had. "He died peacefully at his home in Cambridge in the early hours of Wednesday, his family said."
  25. RIP Stephen Hawking

    I am actually sad that he has died. It's sad we have to lose such a great physicist of our time. But, who knows, someone could take up that spot of 'Most prestigious and alive physicist' soon. Has anyone heard more about his death?
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  27. New Staff Team Rules

    Britannia Gaming has a very professional staff and community management team who give up their time to make the servers more enjoyable to provide the best roleplay experience for the players. 1) Any decision made by a member of staff is final. 2) Abuse or any unpleasant behaviour towards the staff team is not acceptable and will result in a community ban without appeal. 3) When in game the administration staff including management will be required to wear an admin suit when they are on official duties only. 4) Any abuse of a staff position will lead to removal or possibly a community ban. 5) Staff and Management are prohibited from teleport, spawn in items/money in order to help a player in any shape or form. (Unless there is a just reason). 6) Staff will not discuss internal goings on behind the scenes with anyone from outside of the team. This includes any future updates or decisions made by the team, this will result in removal from the staff team. (Please note, this does not apply to the developers and other content creators, as they may need to request something from a member). 7) All rules apply to all staff members, apart from in extreme circumstances where an override is needed. (A member of the management team will handle a situation where you feel a staff member abused the ability to make themselves exempt). William Community Owner.
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