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  1. Today
  2. BG Motorcross

    yes exactly, thank you
  3. BG Motorcross

    Sounds like a really good idea
  4. The Health on BG is weird?

    No hate on the video plz. Took me less than 5 min <3
  5. BG Motorcross

    Definatley a brilliant Idea! We can close down the roads and put directions on which way they need to go as police.
  6. The Health on BG is weird?

    Are the Vests broken or is the SCO19 in constant god mode? Me and @Cookie had combined around 9-14 hits on @John Smith . Keep in mind that normal police and UN dies in 2-3 hits with 7.62mm https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7sgUC5F9ps&feature=youtu.be
  7. BG Motorcross

    very good, i think that events like this will bring the player base together. I would attend if this is happening
  8. BG Motorcross

    so i was thinking about making the Britannia gaming motocross event on the server probably this saturday or sunday depending on which suits more people, Here is a current layout of which the race will take place As you can see blow it will start in Nur above civ spawn and go all the way down to south airfield and then go back all the way up (you dont need to stop once you reach the airfield just go round the ATC Tower then you can start g, admins will be watching players to make sure they all stay on course and no weapons will be allowed or ramming during this race, it is suggested you bring at least 10 toolkits incase you do crash however should you crash that dosent mean your out the race only if you die, anyone caught cheating or ramming other players will get removed from the race and (also no nitro) and wont receive any of the reward, all factions can take part as the vehicles we will be using will be the jeep wrangler unlimited fast and furious or whatever its called again but you probably know what it is, the prize will be as follow below 1st: 500K 2nd 250k 3rd: 100k Let me know what you guys think and if you wanna take part
  9. Cars

    If your car de-spawns it should go back into your garage (not sure if it dose seeing as all my cars have disappeared)
  10. Yesterday
  11. Goodbye! - T.Moriarty

    Well most of you may be happy that I am leaving BG, some of you may not care or some of you may be upset. But I thank you all at BG for letting my experience how you roleplay and how you run! It's a very good server with a lot of potential and I can see that potential increasing each day. Enjoy this community!
  12. Mining Skill

  13. South Government

    May the north have mercy!
  14. South Government

    /me as I make the tags around here!
  15. South Government

    Accepted Contact Staff For The Tags JackTheSpak Community Manager
  16. South Government

    Name : South Government Party Leader: Lucifer Morningstar Party 2nd: K. McGarrett Party Publicist: C. Bob Other Members: JacktheSpak, Daniel. Maybe more 3 Main Political Goals: 1. To hold a higher standers to Human rights for the civilians of the South and North civilians that want to join the South and avoid the terror that North Gov. causes. 2. To have a free, peaceful and prosperous land 3. To free Takistan, our great land and save it from the North How Will You Make Takistan Great Again: 1. I will strengthen our military power and be recognize as a Government 2. I will offer new jobs to the people of the South 3. I will build a proper wall and make the North pay for it 4. I will get ride of the terrorism that the North has created 5. If we ever go to war, I promise we will win. I personally will bomb the North 6. I will be the best President anyone has seen, I will be better then a God. I will be a Allah Party Quote: For Honor, For the South, Till Death
  17. Couple of small changes i would make

    I disagree about the toolkits. It is annoying but if you spend 3-4 hours on the server you can max the repair skill. (Totally understand the frustration though.) I agree with the ATMs, they are a bit annoying but since the community seems to like them for its realism I doubt they will change it. If you want you could bring it up tomorrow at the community meeting. Thanks for your suggestions!
  18. Mining Skill

    There is a community meeting tomorrow, these sort of ideas please mention them in the meeting.
  19. Mining Skill

    I agree.
  20. Couple of small changes i would make

    Toolkits can become permanent with a skill so focus on leveling that skill up. And personally, I like the ATM with pin codes as it is more realistic.
  21. Mining Skill

    I agree
  22. Mining Skill

    Mining is one of the most boring tasks in any RP server. sitting somewhere for 30 min whilst the player is auto mining is really boring and takes to long IMO. Since we already have a skill for processing I suggest that we also add a skill for quicker mining.
  23. Last week
  24. Staff Department

    Hello all. It has been brought to my attention that staff members may not be acting in a professional manner. If this is the case then please bring it to the attention of @bigtimej or @J. Glenn ASAP. If you wish to report the staff manager please contact @Br1nK or @JackTheSpak If you can not contact us you can report it via the forum. Kind Regards Bigtimej - Staff Manager
  25. Hello, i'm kinda new here but i do have some suggestions first of all make the toolkits permanent so you dont have to carry 5of them filling up ur entire virtual storage with toolkits with the takistan map being what it is driving offroad is a pain already that you dont need to be stuck in the middle of nowhere cuz you forgot to but more then one toolkit Second thing is the atm's why would you wanne use the one with the pincodes personally i prefer the normal (altis life) ones much more mainly because they are so easy to use and you dont have to press 20 buttons before you can acces your money
  26. Black Squad Bounty hunting

    Haha dont worry still have tk delete that fuk discord
  27. Black Squad Bounty hunting

    Haha dead or alive we^ll get u
  28. Black Squad Bounty hunting

    Agreed lol
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