• About Us


    Britannia Gaming is a open gaming community that provides friendly, socially rewarding gaming experience to our community members. We’re mainly PC-focused but our members play a variety of games together. We operate our own gaming servers, and Teamspeak Server.


    It Can be difficult to have a good social experience in the online gaming world. On most public servers, few players use voice chat and text communication only goes so far. You’ll find our community active and friendly members. Our team of volunteer staff members actively keeps the trolls and cheaters out of our servers.


    Despite being a community based around a lot of different servers, every member has an amazing commitment to the overall community, which is celebrated through the regular events we hold, such as weekly debates on Teamspeak, or events in our servers which we encourage every member to participate in. We strive to always provide the best services that we can, and our community is built upon both the high quality of our servers and the astonishingly high quality and attitude of our member base, and we pride ourselves as a community to be able to say that we have such as amazing group of people, to which new additions are always welcome.